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The Farewell EP is out now!!

I am very excited that the EP is finally out. It's been a long time in the making! I recorded most of it with my friend Darren in his flat at the end of 2019 not realising what was to come. We finished it over Zoom and few masked up sessions in the Summer when we could. Michael Kielty recorded drums remotely from home and sent them to us and Peter Doherty mastered it for us from home too. It was truly a product of the current climate. The wonderful Courtney Cheshire did the artwork that references the opening song, "Here Again".

The EP is about the lows and highs of living with depression. I hope you don't relate!

You can check out a lovely review from Hot Press Magazine HERE and listen to it anywhere you find you music. HERE is another helpful link that will take you to wherever that might be.

I hope you like it!



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