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New single Millennials out now!

It's been a while...

You can now find my new single wherever you listen to music.

I wrote this song after a chat I had with my friend in my car about how we both felt incredibly unprepared for life and adulthood. I went home with the line, "we're lost but we are lost together" and the rest spilled out. I hate how I don't cry anymore saying goodbye to friends for another six months. I hate how I will probably never get a mortgage. But I love my generation.

I recorded this song at the end of 2019 with my friend Darren Doherty in his flat. Most of the mixing sessions were with social distance or on Zoom. Michael Kielty recorded the drums and sent them to us. Peter Doherty mastered it for us over the second lockdown. The artwork was designed by my friend Courtney Cheshire. We got there in the end. I'm proud of us.

This song is a love letter to my friends. I hope you love it as much as I love them.



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