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Four Year Gig... Anniversary?

Facebook has told me it has been four years since my very first proper gig as Lauren Bird (my real surname is McGeough, which few can spell/remember/pronounce). I had to set up my Facebook music page to advertise the gig and I remember having a full on anxiety attack which left me with a lovely, blotchy red rash on my face and shortness of breath. I was so scared to actually admit to the universe that I wanted to play music, which is ridiculous because it's not something that is embarrassing. I just don't really enjoy being the centre of attention, which I know is strange because of what I do, but it's true. A true introvert I am. Nowadays I get excited for a gig, then I got so sick that I could barely eat. So... i'm proud of myself.

Sometimes I do find myself wondering why I still keep doing this to myself. Normally after being told my songs are too commercial for indie blogs and yet they don't seem commercial enough for mainstream radio and so... yeah. It can get frustrating but then I remind myself of how far I have come. I remind myself that people listen to my album. I remind myself that the new video for I Wonder just passed 5000 views. I remind myself of the young girl who told me she was proud of me for being brave enough to do what I do... *Julie Andrews voice* ... and then I don't feel so bad.

Anyway, enough rambling and slight humblebragging. Here's a video from my first gig, bless my heart I was petrified!


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