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The album is out tomorrow!

I can't believe that tomorrow is the day The Inbetween is released. We started preproduction on the album in January 2016 and started actual production in September... so it's been a long process. There are songs on there that were written as far back as 2012 all the way up to 2016. Those four years saw some massive changes in my life: my final year of uni, graduating and moving home, putting our dog of 13 years down, admitting I needed help and getting therapy for my OCD and anxiety, winning/losing competitions and realising that this is all I really want to do with my life even though it's hard and unreliable. All these things feature in the lyrics and at moments that feels scary, but over these last few years i've learned that doing what scares me isn't always bad. The album will be available across most platforms tomorrow though i'm still working out the price with iTunes so Spotify may be your best bet until they fix it. I am incredibly proud of the album. I don't regret all the 90 mile drives to and from the studio, stopping to get Burger King or noodles and a coke to get me back home after another long day. I do regret parking my car in the spot where someone drove into it and drove off but lets hope that isn't a bad omen! This has been the most fun, exciting, tiring, frustrating and rewarding experience i've had so far and I hope that you love the album as much as I do.

Here's the tracklist:

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