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Letting go.

This title doesn't have an exclamation point, I've changed.

Today I posted off the master CD to ACDSleeve who are printing the CDs. They are as brilliant as their name is. I genuinely cannot believe it's finished, we started in September! I was naive to think it would be finished by Christmas but truthfully I have never had a recording experience like it. To have time to think about things, to try different things vocally and in arrangements. This was all down to the backers of the Indiegogo campaign and the generosity of Cormac O'Kane at Redbox Studios, Belfast. My OCD did get the better of me a little in the end, manifesting in me constantly checking the album to make sure it was perfect. Turns out perfect is impossible, who knew? In many ways though the album is perfect. It's a debut album without the backing of a label and though i'm completely bias, Cormac and I achieved a lot. I cannot wait for it to be out in the world even though it's also slightly terrifying!

Anyway, here's a terrible photo of the master CD going into the envelope for your viewing pleasure:

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