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//  Origin:  Strabane, Co. Tyrone.
//  Genres:  Folk pop
//  Years Active:  2013- Present
//  Website:
Short Bio

Singer-songwriter. Ukulele enthusiast.

With her self-titled debut EP scoring the number one spot on the acoustic Bandcamp chart and winning Chordblossom's Kickstart 2015, Lauren Bird is just beginning to take her place on the music scene. The singer-songwriter from Tyrone brings a sweet, slightly awkward charm to the stage whilst singing songs about the trials and tribulations of being alive. Aaron Cunningham of Chordblossom writes, "Her personal style of songwriting marries often sad and reflective subject matter with an upbeat and happy sound. Throughout each of her songs, Bird’s pop sensibilities and endearing charm shine through". Her recent Indiegogo campaign successfully raised 105% of the funds needed to record her debut album, which is due out on May 8th.



Set List


Tech Rider


Hospitality Rider


Label: Wix Records, Jake Coldham |

Management: Karen Blanche |

Booking: The Bookerz, Daniel Ku |

PR: That Girl Pr, Sarah Brookstone |

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